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Black Shark

Shark being the oldest creature in the world well deserves the title of marine overlord. Diver watch is one of the necessities of divers, can be used for time and mastering the oxygen consumption in deep sea. Reef Tiger as the guider for fashionable watchmaker, launched his newest diver’s watch on basis of the name of black shark, to show up his excellent achievements has made in diver watchmaking realm.

Strap of Black shark is made by Thailand imported rubber functions greater water and corrosion resistance, which ensures a longer longevity; meanwhile, dealt with extra length design enable the watch’s comfort while wearing on diving suit. People are prone to be more yearn for brightness especially in darkness. Black shark applies super-luminova to finish the lume dots are capable to last 10 hours, can clearly and accurately read the time even in deep sea. Screw in crown makes the movement shape a sealed cabin to isolate sea water out of the case. Black shark equips enlarged and deeper fluted screw in crown ensure greater water resistant whilst characters a smoother and antiskid operation for watch under seawater. Rotational bezel helps the wearer better master the time under sea water to ensure the underwater adventure goes successfully.

Black shark wristwatch is not just a diver’s watch, meanwhile, its concise design and fashionable look also suitable those self-pursuit and inner strength individuals. In daily life, we may barely have chance to go under deep water, but the longing for sea, freedom, combination of science and technology is all the same, even if not for wearing, black shark is definitely the piece worthy of collecting.